Divine Organic Reiki Facial Treatment ; “while the skin is being nourished, receptivity is happening; the perfect state for the third eye to open, and to receive healing energy”.
While your skin is being nourished and pampered, you become more and more receptive. The perfect state for the third eye to open. At this stage the Reiki Energy of Healing will be applied and will bathe you into the light and the wisdom of your own higher consciousness. Very yummy indeed.
customised to each skin type
One aspect, which is needed for all inner growth to take place, is to have a connection with the Divine. Without this we might never even realise that we want to become conscious. To have a delicious taste of your own connection with the Higher realms and the Universal Consciousness, or Divine energy I have designed the Divine Organic Reiki Facial Treatment.

Divine Organic Reiki Facial :              90 min.        $100 


Body Treatments

Dry Skin Brushing
Have your whole body gently exfoliated with dry brushing. This increases your circulation and metabolism, which assists your body to de-tox and helps maintain an overall sense of wellbeing. The treatment finishes with hot compresses and an essential oil massage, leaving the skin clean, smooth and moisturised
1hr $80.00

• "Deluxe Manicure"
1hr $80.00
More than just a manicure! We totally pamper your hands and nails by soaking, exfoliating, moisturising and applying a mask. Enjoy hot compresses, a reflexology hand massage with rich revitalising creams, and a cuticle treatment. The manicure finishes with buffing and/or nail polish of your choice.


• "Deluxe Pedicure"
1hr $80.00
Indulge your tired feet in a luxurious pedicure treatment plus! After soaking in a bubbling warm footbath, enriched with peppermint soap or sage oil, we exfoliate your feet and legs, massage and mask them, apply a hot towel compress, and finish with a cuticle tidy and nail polish or buff. Heaven!


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