Psychic Massages:
In a psychic massage the underlying reason for persisting pain and aches and injuries are being tuned into and understood. There is a psychological reason for injuries and chronically pain.  Understanding these deeper layers will explain any injury and bring healing. The person becomes “whole” again.

For three decades Rago Dahlsen has allowed her hands to see.
Shiatsu, Deep-Tissue and Swedish massage are how she communicates with our bodies.
“In reality I do what my blind grandfather did”, shares Rago, who studied extensively across the world including at India’s Oneness University and Healing Art University, the School of Mysticism, Green Gulch Zen Centre and Tassajara Zen Mountain Monastery in the US and The Netherlands’ School for De-Hypnosis. My grandfather could see with his hands and passed this gift to me.



In a remedial massage we focus on an existing pain or tension in the body. We work locally as well as on the effected other parts of the body. We also will focus on the cause of the tension and help you making changes to your body posture. In general a full body massage is given.


This massage uses gentle, long strokes. A light, soothing stimulation of the soft tissue and muscles is a wonderful means of calming the nerves and improving overall stimulation.


A firmer pressure is applied in this massage, inviting the deep tissues and muscles to let go of their tensions, leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated.


This is a very nourishing massage for the mother-to-be, relieving her sore back, aching feet and other individual needs.


By working on your feet and hands, reflexology treats your whole body. This technique promotes balance within, relaxes and eases your stress and tensions, and improves the release of toxins.


This gentle, non-intrusive ‘hands-on’ healing method helps to open the body and the being to welcome the universal life force. This technique is safe and very relaxing, as it helps to quiet the mind and stimulate the necessary healing in the body.

• Prices:


• 1 hour session


• 1.5 hour session



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