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No previous experience is needed,

just a genuine interest in meditation,


and the higher dimensions of intuition,

trusting your higher self,

inner awareness

and becoming a channel for the Divine guidance.


This course will teach you:

Finding a deep space of relaxation and inner peace.

Becoming able to receive higher guidance and healing.

Developing your intuitive and psychic abilities.

Learning to trust your senses and feel energy.

Learning to read yourself and get understanding of psychic energy.

and lots more.

All residential and non-residential retreats are held in gorgeous country-side and include:

delicious organic meals,

daily morning lighthouse or beach walks.

There is daily yoga by the pool,

lounging by the pool in the breaks,

all shared with fun-loving like-minded people.


Meditation Retreat

In meditation, that which was never yours will be taken from you. That which was always yours to start with, will be given back to you.(Osho)

Rago Dahlsen says: I have been a disciple of the most amazing masters during my life; my friend and life long master Osho, my much adored divine couple Amma and Bhagavan, my wise healing master Joe Carl and many other incredible inspiring teachers from all over the world.
I have also lived and practiced meditation in many amazing retreats all over the world

*I have always had a love for Meditation, Body Awareness, Healing Arts, Energy Work and Transformation through Awareness and have practiced those for the past 34 years.

I love my work and love to be of service.

So now it is my pleasure to pass on to you, some of those amazing gifts and experiences I have received.
Some of my most favourite meditations we will be practicing during this retreat:

Guided meditation
Vipassana meditation
Kundalini meditation
No-mind meditation
Nadabrahma meditation
Oneness meditation
Zen walk meditation
Trap door meditations
Blind walk meditation
Listening through the heart meditation
Atisha heart meditation
Chakra meditation
Chakra breathing meditation
Listening to lectures on meditations and inner wisdom from different masters and teachers
  • …and many more
  • buddha

    We also will have daily personal sharing time
    Daily question and answer time
    Daily exercise time (during and before the group).

    You will find out that meditation is fun,
    it’s a luxurious,
    its peaceful,
    Its insightful and in-side-full

    Meditation gives you YOU
    And takes away the NOT YOU

    * Have a break from your outer your self,
    and enjoy a break in your inner self *

    One aspect, which is needed for all inner growth to take place, is to have a connection with the Divine. Without this we might never even realise that we want to become conscious. To have a delicious taste of your own connection with the Higher realms and the Universal Consciousness, or Divine (what ever your preference) I have designed the following retreat:
    Meditation Retreats, in which, through meditation (many different types of meditation) and awareness, you can slowly discover yourself again.



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