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Psychic reading retreat:
For those who are aware of being intuitive and who want to learn how to direct this gift so they can be of service of the Divine wisdom. We will practice self-reading, trusting your ‘inner-voice’ and ‘higher-self’, calling out to and connecting with the higher dimensions and becoming a channel, gaining a firm understanding of the chakra system and the male/female energy system and all sorts of other fun things.

All residential and non-residential retreats are held in gorgeous country-side and include: delicious organic meals, daily morning lighthouse or beach walks. There is daily yoga by the pool, lounging by the pool in the breaks, all shared with fun-loving like-minded people.

Teachings include:
*In-dept teaching of the chakra system
 *Inner man/inner woman- energy system
*Aura-Soma color healing system
*Oneness Meditations
*Awakening the senses      
*Trusting intuition  meditations and practice  
*Trusting your inner voice guided meditations  
*Psychic reading practice    
*Inner-self reading practice                           
*Giving a psychic life reading to invited guest    

   Includes daily:
 *Lighthouse and beach walks  
*Relax by the pool            
*meeting like-minded people. 
*Delicious organic meals


*5-star accommodation

*choice of pampering treatments.

Rago Dahlsen has practiced meditation for over 35 years and has worked as a psychic medium for over 25 years. She has given psychic readings and psychic massages during these years and has facilitated psychic development and meditation courses and retreats.

Rago Dahlsen is the founder of the School of Psychic Development and Spiritual Oneness in Byron Bay -Australia.
Rago was part of a mystery school for many years in Pune – India.
She later on joined the School of Mysticism in Sedona - USA.
In this school she learned the maps of the inner world, along with many meditation techniques. She learned to be a scientist of the inner.

She also spent a considerable amount of time doing meditation retreats, including living in a Zen monastery in California.


What is a psychic reading?
A psychic reading helps the individual to recognize his/her strengths and abilities in business and/or personal life and relationships.
It helps the individual to see where they are going and how they can change old negative persistent patterns.
It helps to heal the past and allows the individual's growth.
It helps to replace fears and with healthy and positive optimisms and a clear direction in life.

In this psychic reading course the participant will reclaim the often still-laying dormant psychic abilities.
During this psychic development seminar we will look at the inner world as a scientist would. We become scientists of the inner.
We will learn about the chakras, the 7 energy centres in the psychic body.

During the psychic reading classes we will experience our energies and issues in the different chakras.
We will learn about the male and female energy and about the relationship the inner man and the inner woman have or don’t have.

We will learn to ask and to trust our higher self.
We will also work with our spirits and our guides and increasingly learn how to trust their guidance.
We first learn to “read” our selves.
Reading oneself is a great way of moving from the periphery, from the issues of the personallity ,through seeing and understanding, into the space of the being. This is a wonderful meditation technique or centring exercise.
A great way of going beyond the mind.

We will be learning to give a “heart reading”.
And finally we will be giving each other a full “psychic reading”.

.Guided Reading Retreats

I offer Guided Reading Retreats, inwhich you learn to see through the issues of an other, into the being of that person (just like a mother “knows” her child, or a lover “knows” his beloved).

The process of dismantling (literally taking off the many different mantles of the personality, till the person is its own naked self again) is very rewarding both for the one who is being read as well as for the reader.

You learn to move into an aware presence (through meditation) where you can “let a reading happen”, instead of “doing” a reading. The third eye is a receptive vehicle, it receives insights, it receives information, good ideas and creativity.

Your whole blue print is there to be tapped into. Everything you have come into this world with, is still there at the centre of your being. 

We all have come into this life with the following virtues present inside of us:

The passion and the drive (which has the ability in the right circumstance) to CREATE life
The gut feeling that KNOWS through sensing what is right for yourself and for the ones you love.
The POWER and enthusiasm to let whatever we feel drawn to do, come out of us in a spontaneous and perfect way
The compassion and the LOVE for everything that happens in and around us and for all of life
The TRUST that whatever is happening is right  (in the bigger picture)
The ability to RECEIVE higher guidance, creativity, healing, insights and direction
The ability to feel and BE ONE with all that is

Read up on some more information about Psychic Energy Readings:

In a reading, I first scan the energy of the etheric body in general and in doing so, “that what wants to be seen and acknowledged” will jump out. Just like a little kid asking for attention. So I read the issue that is coming to the surface and

we start our exploration from there. A Psychic Energy Reading is very much a journey through the inner world of the client. The client being the one who experiences the feelings and the issues from within and the reader being the aware presence who translates whatever is happening in the energy world into words.
Some readers “see”, others “feel”, again others “hear”, or just ”know”. The senses come in many different ways.
So the client brings up something, which they would like to add to their life or something that bothers them. Usually the issue they bring up is connected to an event from earlier in their lives, which for some reason they could, until now never let go of.

The reader will be able to see this event in the client’s energy field. It is as if the client is unconsciously taking this “thing” with them in every situation of their lives. This can be a desire, a hurt, an unresolved story, anything. So the reader will read this event and at the same time tune into the higher intelligence of the client to find out what would be for needed for the client to let go of this event, desire, or pain. Whenever a message comes through, the reader will translate this into words for the client.
As soon as the person understands “that what needs to be seen, the issue will dissolve.
In the inner world, seeing is understanding. And understanding brings transformation. It is as easy as giving the child a kiss on his sore knee and he runs off happily again.
Whatever sits in our unconscious wants to become conscious, wants to be seen and acknowledged by us.

Our higher intelligence creates situations in our daily life, which bring up the same emotions as a childhood event did. It does this so that this time we will be able to deal with the situation with awareness, since we are older and wiser.

This is why you attract certain people and situations in your life; to learn from and to experience something about yourself through, in order to heal the wounds that were hidden in your unconsciousness.

The quickest and the most pleasant way to deal with the unconscious, is to have a reading.
In a reading you experience the issues you are dealing with, as if you are watching a movie on your inner screen. You still might feel things and have reactions, but it feels as if someone else is living the events. Which is true because the person who is living them, is your younger you.
And as you now are the grown up, you can be there to take care of this younger you when it needs support or love, or just acknowledgement.
So it is very healing on all levels, what happens in a reading.

There can also be lighter reasons for wanting a reading! You might want to have your inner gifts tuned into and read back to you or your un-lived potential and un-lived dreams being read. Your whole blue print is there to be tapped into. Everything you have come into this world with, is still there at the centre of your being.
Sometimes you have forgotten all about these gifts or disassociated from those parts of yourself. In the past you might have been laughed at, been belittled, shamed, or punished for having certain gifts. And because you had to make sure that you survived as a child, you created the kind of personality that you knew would be approved of. Now, as an adult, you have so much gotten used to this personality that you believe that this is the real you.

But “somewhere inside” you DO REMEMBER that real you. In a reading you will reach to that “somewhere inside”, which is the space of the Being, full of gifts and essential qualities. That Being that was once born  and will at some stage leave this life again. That Being is always there. You just have to REMEMBER.
So often an outsider is needed, who can see through the layers of your personality into the real You.
This is why love makes you real. Because through feeling loved your outer layers slowly dissolve and the real you dares to show it self again. This is why when you are in love you feel that your lover really “sees” you.
Awareness is the other knife that slices through the layers of the unreal you, the unconscious, uncovering the hidden real you again.

After a reading you fall into your being and experience that you are those inner virtues again. They were never gone, they were never lost. You were just inside the cinema in the dark thinking that what you saw on the screen and even experienced the effect in your body and your emotions (therefore it must be real) was you.

We are here to shine our light, it’s our birth right

Now if after reading all this, you conclude that your life is not in such a sorry state, that  you would need that amount of soul searching therapy.
You just want that boyfriend to shape up a bit. Or to make a little more money. Or get rid of these break outs on your body. And yes you have felt a little bitter and tired lately…and you would not mind to loose a few pounds, which seems to be so hard and you wonder why?

Anything can be the starting point of your journey back into the realm where you once lived as the being you were, living through the virtues you were born with.
Sitting in a reading with the intention of going through the traumas and the issues, not by denying them like you usually do, but by facing them and getting an understanding about why they were there in the first place. As well as having a direct connection with the light, knowing that you will receive guidance and inspiration, like you always do but this time you are fully conscious and you consciously experience receiving higher guidance to your questions.

In that state whether you have issues or questions or not, it does not matter, you will be guided in, to the place that you know, the space of your inner being. To the being you always were and always will be. The being that is here on earth learning the lessons that it had set out to do, in order to learn and to experience, so that it could be whole again.
Everyone is here on their own learning and experiencing missions, as well as being here to share the gifts of what they have to give.

In a psychic reading or psychic massage the truth of your inner being, the wisdom of your higher self and the guidance of the Divine will be revealed.


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