Offers nourishment for the body and soul.
More and more people understand that in order to heal and relax the body, the emotional body and the mind also need to be able to relax. To facilitate this, we offer our insightful psychic readings.

Psychic readings:

When Rago gives a psychic reading, she tunes into the Divine and becomes a channel. She channels what the client is ready to see and understand at that particular time in their lives.

The reading is heartfelt, compassionate and non- judgemental and can cover any issue or question in a person’s life. A reading always comes to a completion with the client feeling in a deep state of inner harmony.

In a psychic reading or psychic massage the truth of your inner being, the wisdom of your higher self and the guidance of the Divine will be revealed.

Readings can help with: 

Finding higher purposes and goal setting,

bereavement or separation pain,

relationship or career problems,

unlived potential and creative expression,

or just a spiritual tuning into your higher self.



In the psychic life reading (both for the individual and for couples); your energy is being read, questions answered, unlived potential being tapped into and your true self being uncovered.


• PSYCHIC LIFE READINGS (Metaphysical Counseling)

 A psychic life reading is helpful

-when you need answers about relationship and love.

-When you need clarity about work and carreer.

-When you feel disturbed or confused.

-When you want to look into your health issues.

-When you want to tune into the life and future of your loved ones.

- When you want to tap into unlived potential.

-Basically in every situation you want more clarity and understanding about.

The reading will lead you from the realm of questions, back into the realm of essence. Tapping back into your highest potential and the gifts you came here with. Leaving in a state of wellbeing and bliss.


1.5 hrs $100

1 hrs psychic massage + 1hrs psychic life reading $150


This is a very deep and bonding experience for couples to participate in together. In this reading you hear how you and your partner’s qualities relate to each other; how you match, and which different qualities you bring to this relationship. If there are difficulties in the relationship, these will be looked at from a space of consciousness, and clarity and insight will be shared as to what these difficulties actually mean. Understanding is the key to moving through the layers of the unconscious into the space of the being, arriving there at the same time as your partner and yet each in your own inner being, with your own essential qualities. A nice place to hang out together!

1.5hrs $120


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