MASSAGE in Byron Bay

Rago offers a variety of massages and often combines a few techniques in one massage.

Choose from:
• Deep-Tissue Massage
• Relaxation Massage
• Remedial Massage
• Reiki
• Therapeutic Healing Massage


Rago offers profoundly transformative psychic readings which are beneficial for any issue in your life and can bring a sense of clarity, healing and completion to any difficult or uncertain circumstance. A complete individual reading lasts 90 minutes. A couple readings last 2 hours.


2 hours of: 1 hour Healing Massage & 1 hour Psychic Reading – $165

3 hours of: 1 hour Healing Massage & 1 hour Psychic Reading & 1 hour Reiki Healing or Reiki Facial – $240

4.5 hours of: 90 min. Healing Massage & 90 min. Psychic Reading & 90 min. Reiki Healing or Reiki Facial – $365

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5 + 5 =

This would have to be the best massage I have ever had.

Andrew Denton

I’ve been meaning to write to thank you for a fabulous day. The reading was very special to me and I’ve thought a lot about it since coming back to ‘real’ life.

Kelly Pearson

Yes, this was great. Just how I needed it.

Donna Karan

Dear Rago, Thank you for two fab treatments yesterday. Feel very refreshed both outwards and inwards. Warmest  wishes.

Deana Warner

Having a MASSAGE with RAGO has been a most nourishing and relaxing experience.
I absolutely trust her with my body.

Nicole Braakman