Your tensions need your attention

Rago’s slogan is “your tensions need your attention!”. She is passionate about her healing work and her transformative readings and has a reputation of being frank and able to pleasantly read her clients with sound and candid perception. What she addresses in her healing work, are themes she has been working on herself in her own inner healing journey.

Coming from personal experience

Her clients can feel that she speaks from personal experience and is able to assure her clients with her; ”been there, done that myself” attitude. Her warm, open style gives permission to people to easily fall deeper into themselves through embodying their vulnerability. Rago is an expert at gently guiding people into their bodies, in her transformative healing sessions, landing them safely into their center again, where well being and wholeness can be found.

Focus on love, acceptance, transformation and healing.

All of Rago’s work in her individual sessions, as well as in her teaching retreats is focused on love, acceptance, transformation and healing. She draws her approach from a journey of over a decade of living in intentional communities, combined with her studies and practices of various body-centered and meta-physical oriented disciplines of awakening. Ragos gift lies in her eloquent execution and powerful ability to create a safe space for individuals to fearlessly navigate their emotional bodies as the pathway to healing.

Rago’s career path

Rago began her career in the Netherlands as a travel guide (1979-1980). Over a period of ten years, she trained as a therapist at the Osho De-Hypnotherapy center in the Netherlands, The School of Divine Healing in India, the Osho Mystery school in India and the School of Mysticism in America (1983-1993). While living in Australia Rago has worked as a co-facilitator in the Path of Love and has Studied at the Oneness University in India. She then integrated these Oneness techniques in all of her work since.
For the last twenty-five years Rago worked primarily as a body-centered massage therapist and psychic reader. She has also been teaching her skills during her Psychic Development Retreats and facilitates her All-One-ness individual retreats. 
Rago lives and works from her amazing property that she owns together with her husband and that she gladly shares with her session and retreat guests. She loves being a hostess and welcomes her guests to relax in nature.


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“Created a feeling of safety”