MASSAGE at the Byron Bay Health Retreat

Rago offers a variety of massages and often combines a few techniques in one massage.

Choose from:
Deep-Tissue Massagea massage that works on the deeper layers of the tissue
• Relaxation Massage – deeply relaxing massage with long strokes
• Remedial Massage  focused on specific issues that need healing
• Reiki – deeply healing hands on treatment
• Therapeutic Healing Massage *more details below

Treatment time and price:
1 hour  $95.00
1.5 hours  $135.00

Therapeutic Healing Massage

Rago can tune into the deeper layers of your body. This massage treats not only the physical body, but also gives awareness to the well of emotions and the beliefs or conflicts that are held internally, causing tensions and aching in areas of  the body.

Often unknowingly you hold your ‘issues’ in your tissues!

This massage is being done from the principle of:
“Your tensions needs your attention”.

Allowing a journey into the recesses of your emotions and giving them voice is a powerful creative healing process.

Soothing the muscles and the tensions through this process, brings a great release and enables you to de-stress and go deeper inside, to touch the greatest self which is a peaceful smile.

A Therapeutic Healing Massage can be done in total silence if preferred, or with the messages voiced out loud. Both methods have a similarly powerful effect on your “sense of wellbeing”.


Get Massaged

1 hrs Massage $95
1.5 hrs $135


“Amazing hands and healthy advice”