Psychic Readings with Rago – what to expect

Rago creates a space that is heartfelt, compassionate and non-judgmental and can cover any issue or question in a person’s life.
A reading will always come to a completion leaving you in a state of inner harmony and with clarity about the future.

Rago will tune into your physical, emotional and spiritual self to find the answers you are looking for.

Rago will be communicating with your highest wisdom and the messages and solutions will be channeled from that higher space. Whatever you are needing to see and understand will be revealed. In this way, you receive the truth of your inner being,
the wisdom of your higher self and
universal guidance.

Because of this, often you will be getting confirmation about what you already know to be true and it will help you come back to yourself and make great choices moving forward.

In a reading, Rago can identify blocks, or sabotage that may be holding you back, or even causing challenge and ill health in your life, and help you get to the root of the matter, and clear it out.

Readings can help with:

• Finding higher purposes and goal setting

• Bereavement or separation pain

• Relationship or career problems

• Untapped potential and creative expression

• Spiritual tuning and tapping into your higher self

• Health issues

• Any situation that you want clarity and understanding about

Treatment time and price:
1.5 hours $135.00

Couple Readings with Rago – what to expect

Having a couple psychic session is a way of learning how your and your partner’s qualities relate to each other and how you match and create together. It will look at the different elements each of you brings into your relationship: The gifts and the challenges and how to use both of these to your advantage as a couple.

Couple readings happen in an open, relaxing and safe space. If there are issues in your relationship you wish to explore and heal, then a reading can lead to understanding as a key to inner transformation and new ways of being together.

Treatment time and price:
2 hours $165.00


Get Clarity and Understanding

1 hrs: $95.00
1.5 hrs $135.00


“Life changing”