The reading given to me by Rago provided clarity and closure to a deep trauma that I’ve been dealing with for many years. Her presence and ability to connect with a higher realm created a safe, loving, and transformative space.

Reiki Massage 
Rago combines beautiful massage with deep reiki and intuition in a beautiful setting. I always leave her sessions feeling relaxed, grounded and re-energised, can highly recommend it!

Carl-Johan Axelson

I am currently undergoing treatment for cancer and the BEST thing I have done for myself is coming to Rago for her energetic body readings. She has helped me so much to understand what’s happening in my physical body, organs and with the cancer itself but also, she has guided me on a profound journey into my soul. Her sessions have given me deep understanding into my unmet emotions, needs and trauma and how this has lead the the dis-ease in my body. 
She guides me through processes that clear stuck energy or emotions and then realign my energy. I can meet myself in such a deep way that I know this is my healing. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is so gifted in what she does and she speaks a language that I totally understand in all of my being. 

Metaphysical Reading/Counselling

Rago’s reading sessions are truly incredible. She has a way of reading the body; physically, energetically and spiritually that helps me gain insights to understand myself on a deep spiritual level. This has helped me numerous times in my life with various situations, like health, work, relationships and spiritual guidance.
I always leave a session feeling peacefully and deeply connected to myself and to the greater sense of oneness.
Rago is the best and only person I would go to for energetic readings and guidance.

Emma Davis

Rago has the magic touch, whether it’s through body work or intuitive readings. I always walk out centred, grounded and clear from my sessions with Rago.

Maria Collyer

Rago is a Superstar!  
Her incredible knowledge and amazing experience in the world of wellbeing is exceptional!
I’ve experienced many massages in my time and Rago offers one of the absolute best! Her gentleness, incredible intuition and ability to move blocked energy allows the body and mind to rest deeply, heal, gain new awareness and then float off the table!

Emma Turpin- Abbott


Come and enjoy


“Peaceful and powerful”